Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Mühlbauer

Prof. Dr. med. Wolfgang Mühlbauer
Specialist for Plastic and
Aesthetic Surgery

Center of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
ATOS Private Clinic Munich

81925 München
Tel.: 089 / 20 4000 201/0
Fax: 089 / 20 4000 266


Для русскоязычных пациентов:
Tel.: +49 89 20 4000 3440

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5 – Stars-Plastic Surgery

Prof. Mühlbauer responds to frequent questions of patients

Prof. Mühlbauer, you have chosen the term “5 – Stars – Plastic Surgery “ as your motto. What do you mean by that?

This implicates Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery at its highest international standard. For decades I get national and international invitations for lectures and live – demonstrations of operative methods I have developed over the years. A series of these procedures have been adopted by my colleagues and become standard of treatment in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. This gives me not only international reputation (see CV), but also great opportunities to exchange our mutual knowledge and experiences and keep me in the forefront of new developments.

Going through your impressive list of scientific articles, books, teaching videos, DVDs and lectures one is amazed about the enormous spectrum of your work.

As long term specialist and head of department in teaching hospitals I was confronted daily with the entire spectrum of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. This is a great challenge and training of one`s operative skills and abilities. During my career I have performed personally many thousands of procedures on noses, eyelids, faces, breasts, abdomens, extremities and other regions of the body. This treasure of experiences helps me to select the most appropriate operation for a given patient and master difficult situations and complications.

Are there operations and treatments you like most?

At my present set up – private office at ATOS Klinic Munich – a 5–star interdisciplinary private clinic -  I concentrate on aesthetic surgery (see my  spectrum of treatment). I focus on aesthetic procedures of the face like correction of the nose and profile, eyelids, face and neck, fat grafting, fillers and botox etc. In plastic surgery of the face absolute precision and long term experience are mandatory.

Do you like private practice/clinic better than the environment of a large hospital?

I have got less pressure and more time for my patients now. They appreciate the extra time and effort I can put in during the consultation including digital computer simulations of the desired operative result. Patient contact and care is highly individual now.

Don’t you miss the treatment of children with congenital or acquired deformities, especially since  you have got a world- wide reputation as pioneer  in this  difficult  field.

Older children from school age onward I can treat in the ATOS Private Clinic. Younger kids will be operated in a pediatric surgery department.

In addition I participate in humanitarian missions to 3rd. world countries. Organized and funded by Interplast Germany -  Munich Section (head: Dr.Schöneich and Dr. Wagner). Our team  operates under difficult conditions on hundreds of poor children suffering from cleft lip and palates, severe burn scars, tumors and rare protrusions of the head ( so called elephant children) in Myanmar/Burma.

At home in Munich I support a foundation for advancement in burn care, which I founded 25 years ago and served as  chairman for a long time.

Prof. Mühlbauer we thank you for this interview.



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